True Grit takes box office over Little Fockers

Jeff Bridges and his True Grit finally took the box office crown. What did you see this weekend at the movies? Were you into U.S. Marshalls and little girls with True Grit? Did you watch Ben Stiller get overtaken by his Little Fockers? Or did you see Nicolas Cage do his quirky thing in Season of the Witch? We’re breaking it down by the numbers.

Not as many of you went to your local movie theater as you did the same time last year. In fact, the box office for this weekend was down 29 percent from this time last year. 2011 has gotten off to a slow start, though the giant blizzards whipping around the U.S. certainly haven’t helped matters.

True Grit wins finally over Little Fockers

So what did you all see this weekend? Well, most of you wanted to check out Jeff Bridges in True Grit. The film took the top spot with $15 million, taking its total to $110.4 million in 19 days. It’s now surpassed the totals of Unforgiven and Maverick. Not bad for a remake, huh?

Little Fockers took second place with $13.8 million. People seem to be flocking to this third film in the series, despite some pretty lackluster reviews. In third place, we have Nicolas Cage’s horror flick, Season of the Witch, with $10.7 million. Ah, Nicolas Cage. It doesn’t matter how quirky and strange the films you do may be. It’s really impossible not to love a guy who gets so excited about his projects.

So what do you guys plan to see next week? We’re guessing that True Grit will remain strong, especially in light of the upcoming awards shows. Though it may have been snubbed by the Golden Globes, the Broadcast Film Critics’ Association gave it a ton of nominations. As for the other awards contenders in the top ten, we’ve got Black Swan in fifth place with $8.38 million, The Fighter in seventh with $7 million and The King’s Speech in eighth with $6.8 million. Expect them to stay in the top ten next week as well.

Green Hornet arrives January 14

So how will Vince Vaughn’s The Dilemma do? We’d expect a strong opening. We’ve also got The Green Hornet, which should make a strong showing. I saw an early screening and it was pretty darn funny. Word of mouth should keep that one going strong.

What did you see this weekend? Let us know below!

Box office top 10

1. True Grit, $15 million
2. Little Fockers, $13.8 million
3. Season of the Witch, $10.7 million
4. Tron: Legacy, $9.8 million
5. Black Swan, $8.35 million
6. Country Strong, $7.3 million
7. The Fighter, $7 million
8. The King’s Speech, $6.811 million
9. Yogi Bear, $6.81 million
10. Tangled, $5.2 million


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