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People’s Choice Awards best & worst dressed

The People’s Choice Awards signal the beginning of award season in Hollywood, a period in which we’re treated to some of the best — and worst — fashion has to offer.

The People’s Choice Awards themselves should have been put on the worst dressed list, as celebrities were forced to pose on a convention center-esque blue carpet with a puckered and wrinkled satin backdrop behind them. Yuck!

Worst Dressed

Amanda Michalka

As one half of Aly and AJ, The Lovely Bones actress Amanda Michalka may have been trying to break out of her tween image with this getup. She only succeeded in looking like she was wearing some sort of “slutty nun” Halloween costume.

Ashley Tisdale

Did you know that Ashley Tisdale has been in the biz pretty much her whole life? True story. She even starred on Broadway in Les Mis when she was eight. So you think she’d know how to dress well for the red carpet [or blue carpet, as the case may be] by now. Oompa Loompa orange and a mishmash of Holly Hobbie patterns on her too-summery dress do not a fashion icon make.

Josie Loren

I used to have a pair of pants in the same wild shocking pink-purple iridescent fabric as the dress Josie Loren is wearing. I bought them to go to a rave in Las Vegas. That is the only place such a monstrosity is excusable. PS — Those shoes are a crime against humanity. This Make It or Break It star needs to backflip her way to a real stylist, STAT.

Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor is a stunning woman. Why is she dressed like the villainess in a kids sci-fi-fantasy movie? Her awkward red carpet pose and pursed lips belie the amount of time this Make Me a Supermodel host has spent in front of the camera.

Raven Symone

There are always lots of juicy blind items about C and D-list actresses who make some side money by plying, er, other trades. We’re not in any way implying that Raven Symone participates in such extracurricular activities, but if she wanted to make some extra dough as a dominatrix she already has the outfit for it.

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