Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller engaged?

Jude Law reportedly gave Sienna Miller a stunning ring for Christmas and the two could wed in 2011.

Jude Law Sienna Miller

Jude Law made it a very merry Christmas for Sienna Miller, reportedly giving the actress a $200,000 sapphire-and-diamond ring tucked into a restored grand piano!

A source close to the couple described the scene: “She wept after opening up the piano lid and discovering a wooden box — made from the same wood as the piano — containing a diamond and sapphire ring.”

So is it an engagement ring? The couple is playing coy, but the source says expect wedding bells in 2011.

“Jude would love to make Sienna his wife before next year is out. Family and close friends are expecting a save-the-date card anytime soon.”

Jude and Sienna were engaged once before after he left his first wife for the blond actress. The couple broke up after he was caught fooling around with the nanny. Sienna has a long history of dating married men, so perhaps it is time she had her own.


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