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There’s Cake in My Future review

Looking for a new chick lit novel to kick off another fabulous year? We think we see cake in your future.

You’ll love There’s Cake in My Future by Kim Gruenenfelder and it’s not just because of the adorable cover. Chick lit still has a bright future if this is the way the genre is going to kick off the year.

There’s Cake in My Future

Bride-to-be Nic thinks she has the solutions to all her friends’ problems when she decides to do a “cake-pull” for her bridal shower. She rigs the cake to be sure everyone pulls the right charm. For her ringless friend Mel, she chooses the engagement ring charm. And for Seema, she chooses the chili pepper to help her spice things up with her best friend Scott, whom she’s secretly lusting after.

And for herself, Nic chooses the hardworking shovel, hoping it will help jumpstart her career as a journalist since getting laid off. But when the cake gets mysteriously turned around, each girl pulls a different charm and Nic’s careful plans fall apart. Soon each friend is questioning their fate and they begin to wonder if the cake is trying to tell them something.

This one takes the cake

A delightfully witty story about friendship and love, There’s Cake in My Future sparkles from start to finish. Nic’s struggle as a new stepmom to her husband’s nine-year-old daughter hits home and Seema’s unrequited love for her BFF Scott is sweet. And who can’t relate to Mel’s bad boyfriend situation? Gruenenfelder does a great job of bringing her characters to life with genuine warmth and charm while still keeping things light.
There’s Cake in My Future is a perfect chick lit book to curl up with by the fire after a long week back to work. Do yourself a favor — pick this one up!

There’s Cake in my Future review

Out of five stars…


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