Daily Celebrity Buzz for December 30th, 2010

Check out today’s top celebrity news from around the web, including David Beckham, Chris Brown, Snooki and much more!

David Beckham

David Beckham just says no to hos – TMZ

How are those anger management classes working out for Chris Brown? – Allie Is Wired

Snooki needs a new party plan – Anything Hollywood

Neil Patrick Harris shows off his babies – ICYDK

Isabelle Caro dead at 28. Eat a cookie today, ladies. – The Wire

Hugh Hefner has good taste in diamonds, if not women – Too Fab!

Natalie Portman didn’t get that fancy Harvard edjumakashun for nothin’ – The Hollywood Gossip

Angelina Jolie‘s good twin – The Berry

At least Jennifer Aniston has a career which is more than we can say for some peopleLimelife

Ryan Phillippe couldn’t be more thrilled to be getting a little attention – Celebrifi

Can Kanye West get any more repulsive? Yes. Yes he can. – The Frisky

Turns out getting knocked up at 16 like Amber Portwood is actually a brilliant financial decision – E! Online

Too bad Julie Andrews can’t sing anymore because this Glee episode would be epic – TV Fanatic

Salma Hayek being gorgeous with her daughter – Splash News

Tara Reid found another victim to dupe – Dana’s Dirt


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