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Demi Lovato leaves rehab for Christmas

Disney star Demi Lovato left rehab to spend the holidays with her family.

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato, 18, was granted permission to leave her treatment facility on Christmas Day to spend time with her family, a source tells People. She returned to rehab later that evening.

Lovato has been in rehab since late October after a “short, physical altercation” with a dancer. She checked herself into rehab that day to deal with “emotional and physical issues.”

Lovato was spotted with her family wearing dark lipstick, dark clothing and a leopard-print jacket. They went to a movie theater in Illinois that featured a “full to-your-seat food and beverage service,” reports TMZ. No word what movie the family watched.

Demi Lovato reportedly loves Christmas. “It is the most important holiday to her,” a source reported.

Lovato just settled with Alex Welch, the dancer that she got into an altercation with. Welch reported that she was “ready to move on.”

How long will Lovato be in treatment? A source reports that there is no date set for completion. “Demi knows she needs the help and knows that she is where she needs to be right now.”

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