Celebrities reveal Christmas plans

Celebrities reveal their Christmas plans — which include everything from baking to looking at Christmas lights.

Celebrities reveal they plan on spending Christmas a lot like us “regular folk,” which includes baking holiday treats, spending time with family and decorating Christmas trees.

Kardashian Christmas card

Kris Jenner tells USA Today that the Kardashian clan will spend Christmas Eve baking. “I’m having 150 people over for dinner. So no big deal at all! I’m making all the desserts. I’m working on cheesecake, brownies and a lemon cake for my son-in-law Lamar (Odom). It’s great therapy. We all love to cook. All the girls love to cook. Kim makes a great cupcake.”

Actress Alyssa Milano tells Us Magazine that her Christmas plans include plenty of Italian food. “My mom makes an Italian feast like you’ve never seen. She’s got an Italian course which is mainly different types of fish dishes. Then she makes an American course after that — usually turkey and ham. So we’ll eat until we’re in a food coma.”

Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo has many plans rich in Christmas tradition. He has three children, Braeden, 9, Shane, 6, and Octavia, 5. “I have three trees up this year. I just love it. I love the lights, the history, and it’s the only time of the year that I miss the cold weather and snow in Minnesota.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo tells Us Magazine they are keeping it simple this year. “We are going back to the basics…I want her to feel the spirit of the holidays and not buy into the commercialism of it all.”

General Hospital actress Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo talks about spending time with her son, eight-year-old Kassius. “Kassius is very good about Hanukkah prayers and candle lighting. He loves Christmas as well. Our traditions are simple. Eating, family, friends, New York and our farm.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will spend Christmas abroad. “This is our one year abroad. We do one year at home and one year abroad,” she tells Larry King on CNN. “We’ve done Missouri with Brad’s family. We have our map books out and we’re looking for a country to go to. We haven’t picked one yet but we want to travel abroad.”


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