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Kim Kardashian talks family Christmas traditions

Kim Kardashian is sharing some of her favorite family traditions and how the Kardashian sisters react to the gift fest differently.

Kim Kardashian sisterss

Kim Kardashian may have enough dough to buy herself any present she wants, but she still loves her family Christmas traditions!

The best part? Staying in her PJs all day.

“Every Christmas Eve we have a Christmas Eve party, after my grandma would give everyone in the family a set of pajamas that are some holiday theme — like flannel pajamas. We have to wear them to bed and have to be at my mom’s house at 6 a.m., no later. Then we go crazy opening gifts all wearing the pajamas all day.”

Kim and Kourtney couldn’t have been more different as kids when it came to the excitement of Christmas morning — i.e. Kourtney was blase.

“Kourtney would come down on Christmas morning and wouldn’t care. She didn’t really care that it was Christmas. While I was like, ‘Oh my God! I got a puppy!'”

“We were so different for my mom it was so weird, especially Kourtney because she was so not emotional and she thought that that’s how all kids were going to turn out. But I love Christmas. It’s our family’s favorite holiday.”

Hopefully Kourtney’s view of the holiday has changed since she became a mom herself and has to prepare little Dash for Santa’s visit!

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