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Emily Blunt talks Gulliver’s Travels and married life

Emily Blunt sat down with us to discuss her new movie opening Christmas Day, Gulliver’s Travels. The newlywed chatted married life — she is married to The Office star John Krasinski — and if kids are in her future.

You may know Emily Blunt as the uptight assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, or as royalty in The Young Victoria or even in her breakout role in My Summer of Love, but this talented actress proved she is as refreshing and versatile off-screen as she is on-screen.

Blunt sat down with SheKnows in a roundtable discussion looking beautiful [despite fighting a cold] in a cream and black David Meister dress. Her new movie, Gulliver’s Travels, also stars Jack Black and Jason Segel and opens December 25.

Gulliver's Travels

Interview with Emily Blunt

SheKnows: Congratulations on being a newlywed! How is it?

Emily Blunt: Thank you very much. It feels like old news now. No, it’s just wonderful. It’s wonderful. I just love it.

SheKnows: It’s not different, right? But, you feel like family.

Emily Blunt: I think it does feel different in the way that it’s that kind of wonderful, quiet security that’s just sort of there in the background. But, we still have a blast.

SheKnows: Would you guys ever work together?

Emily Blunt: I think so. It would have to be the right thing, because I think sometimes when couples work together, they’re overly scrutinized, you know? Particularly if you’re in a kind of romantic movie together. Critics will go, “They have no chemistry.”

SheKnows: Right.

Emily Blunt: I kind of remember that with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell when they did something together. People slammed them. And I think you’re so scrutinized, anyway, in movies. I was like, “I don’t know if I want to put myself out there.”

SheKnows: Would you ever do a cameo on The Office?

Emily Blunt: Oh, I would if they’d have me.

Working on Gulliver’s Travels

SheKnows: How did you like working on a children’s film?

Emily Blunt: I really enjoyed it. I’ve never done a family movie before and it’s a whole different genre. There’s a charm to it and a kind of sweetness and a lightheartedness. I think it’s really important to make those movies, because people want an escape. Gulliver’s Travels is the perfect Christmas movie.

SheKnows: So, do you think you’re going to want to start doing more and more of the family movies?

Emily Blunt: Yeah, definitely. Because I think that some of the family movies that are made are kind of a bit schmaltzy and a bit kind of run of the mill. I really like it with movies like this, which give hints to the adult crowd, too. And there’s enough wit in it for the parents who go and see it to be like, “Oh, my God, that’s so funny.” And there’s stuff that will go over the kids’ heads. So, I think it’s a fine balance with a family movie, to make it universally appreciated and not just right for kids.

Emily Blunt, Jack Black and Jason Segel

SheKnows: So, it was fun playing a princess role?

Emily Blunt: Yeah.

SheKnows: But, you did it with an edge. She’s confident. I love to see that coming out, for girls to see that.

Emily Blunt: I think that’s nice. I think it’s a good message for women that you’ve got to follow your heart. And so, I think that side of the character was really cool, because you see her have an arc. Because at the beginning, she conforms and she’s very obedient and she’s kind of whimsical and silly. And then, Gulliver really encourages her to be a modern woman and think for herself and not necessarily follow orders. And I think that’s a good message, to a point, I must say.

Gulliver's Travels

Emily talks about her stutter

SheKnows: I read that as you were growing up, you were shy and had a stutter. Is that right?

Emily Blunt: I did.

SheKnows: What advice would you give to kids who are dealing with the same thing?

Emily Blunt: I have a lot of advice, really, because it’s something that is quite an anguishing thing for children to go through, and their parents as well. It was awful for my parents, because you feel quite helpless, because it is actually genetic. It’s actually hereditary. It’s not brought on by some awful incident or it’s not from a nervous disposition. Scientifically, you are programmed to have one or not. So, in my family, my grandfather had one. My uncle had one and so does my cousin. Speech impediments are usually a problem for boys. I’m spouting all this knowledge because I’m now the chair on a board for this. And I actually still have one sometimes when I’m relating a story or on the phone. It’s not something that ever quite leaves you. You’ll always be one if you are one. But, you can learn different tools. The thing that really helped me and that I would really advise kids to do is definitely get help, address it very early, because it gets worse.

SheKnows: How long did you stutter?

Emily Blunt: Until I was about 14, quite badly. But, the thing that helped me was acting. Because there are so many actors I know who stutter, however, they never do on stage. And I never stutter when I’m acting. I would encourage parents to put their kids in acting classes, drama classes, even if they’re super shy and embarrassed. You often find that you don’t stutter when you’re acting.

Emily Blunt and John KrasinskiHer future with kids

SheKnows: So, kids are in the plans for you?

Emily Blunt: I’ve always wanted them. And I think I’ve got a few more years to be silly and then get to that. No, I’ve always wanted them. Because I’m from a family of four kids.

SheKnows: Would you like a large family as well?

Emily Blunt: I don’t know.

SheKnows: Have one first, see what happens.

Emily Blunt: I’ll start with one.

Potty humor

SheKnows: How did you feel about some of the potty humor in the film?

Emily Blunt: Is there much?

SheKnows: The butt crack.

Emily Blunt: Oh, the butt crack.

SheKnows: Where he pees to put the fire out.

Emily Blunt: It’s Jack Black. You know he’s going to get his ass out somehow.

SheKnows: Yeah, exactly.

Emily Blunt: Come on. Jack’s ass is coming out. Thank God Jason Segel stayed clothed. He’s nearly always naked.

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