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Ginnifer Goodwin: I’ve been on Weight Watchers for 23 years!

Big Love actress Ginnifer Goodwin is known for her small, pixie-like physique. We assumed she was naturally skinny — not so! Goodwin reveals in a new interview that she’s struggled with her weight for most of her life.

Ginnifer Goodwin has been on Weight Watchers for 23 years

Celebrities struggle with their weight, just like we do. Surprised? Sure — especially because many celebrities act like their svelte figures are a gift from God.

Not so, says He’s Just Not That Into You actress Ginnifer Goodwin. She told Health magazine that she’s struggled with her weight since childhood.

“I have been a member of Weight Watchers for 23 years,” the 32-year-old actress explained in Health’s January-February issue. “It’s the only thing on the planet that doesn’t dehydrate you or just make you miserable. I’ve never had a dramatic weight problem, it’s just that I tend to indulge, and then I need to get back on track so I can button my pants.”

Goodwin went on to explain that her southern upbringing had an influence on her views toward food.

“I really did go through a period when I was very little when I remember realizing that vegetables did not come out of the ground deep-fried,” she said. “I changed my eating habits in fourth grade because I was a heavy little girl, and I was unhappy. And I remember my mom making dinner for me the first night that I was on this new program, and I burst out crying because the vegetables were green, and I thought she was trying to starve me to death.”

Ginnifer Goodwin: Positive body image

Now, Goodwin strives to maintain a healthy weight without caving to the pressures of Hollywood’s ultra-thin expectations.

“I can be indulgent for six month[s] and put on some weight, but I still never actually get to the point of being unhappy and self-destructive,” she said. “And working with my amazing stylist, I’m really good at hiding things, so I’m always pretty confident. Except when I’m in a bathing suit. It doesn’t matter what my body looks like, I hate putting on bathing suits in front of other people.”

We’re loving her healthy take on weight loss and health. Can you relate to Goodwin’s Weight Watchers allegiance?

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