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Perfect Couples: First look!

NBC recently aired a sneak preview of their upcoming sitcom Perfect Couples, about three couples trying to create the ideal relationship. We are proud to present an exclusive look at NBC’s next great sitcom.

Dave [Kyle Bornheimer] and Julia [Christine Woods] are dealing with Julia’s transformation from glamorous work girl to no makeup and sweats chick at home.

The cast of Perfect Couples

Dave’s best friend Vance [David Walton] and Amy [Mary Elizabeth Ellis] are buying a house. He’s imagining bed bugs after reading the paper, while she tricks him into couple’s therapy.

Former party guy Rex [Hayes MacArthur] and his wife Leigh [Olivia Munn] are forcing everyone onto Italy time to prepare for a trip.

Perfect Couples premieres Thursday, January 20 at 8:30 p.m.

If you missed the premiere episode, check Perfect Couples here.

SheKnows wants to hear what you think. Watch and let us know if you think this is the new Friends for 2011. As a special treat, we have some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Olivia Munn’s personal camera.

Check them out below!

Olivia Munn’s exclusive Perfect Couples set pics

Olivia Munn comments on our first photo. “Without lights, filters and expensive cameras, this is what we look like. Tip for your life: Never leave home without a lighting kit.”

Perfect Couples star Olivia Munn

And in this one…Olivia tells us, “Some people just don’t understand the concept of ‘personal space’… I should go over there and help them.”

Perfect Couples exclusive

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