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Top 10 celebrity scandals of 2010

The year 2010 was full of shocking celebrity scandals, including love, hate, life, death, sex, lies and videotape — and that’s just a weekend at Joe Francis’ house! Here are our picks for the top 10 celebrity scandals of 2010.

Who will be number one? Will it be Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan? Maybe, the number one celebrity scandal of 2010 will be a story you’ve forgotten!

tenJohn Mayer reveals his full jerkiness

We always knew John Mayer was a little weird, but we didn’t know he was a total jerk until he gave a shocking interview to Playboy in February 2010.

John Mayer

In the piece, Mayer talks about his dream to write porn, goes into detail about what Jessica Simpson was like in bed (“sexual napalm” in case you were wondering) and calls his penis a racist “white supremacist.” All this before we found out he broke the heart of America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, a crime for which he is lucky he wasn’t lynched.

nineChristina Aguilera divorces for publicity

We don’t know for sure it’s all for publicity, of course, but the timing certainly is suspect: Christina Aguilera announced her plans to divorce husband Jordan Bratman at the exact same time the publicity machine for her film Burlesque went into overdrive. Coincidence? Maybe. Juicy? Definitely — and so are the rumors the singer had an open marriage and regularly picked up other women in clubs around LA, including Lindsay Lohan’s ex Samantha Ronson.

Christina Aguilera

Oh yeah, and she already has a new boyfriend — a guy she met on the set of Burlesque earlier this year, before she separated from her husband. Hmmm…

eightKaty Perry tries to seduce Elmo

Hell hath no fury like the mother of a preschooler confronted with a pair of supple, bouncing 20-something breasts.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry had a lighthearted romp with Elmo on Sesame Street that turned into a mommy war when parents complained about the Teenage Dream singer’s cleavage. While more than a few parents voiced the opinion that Perry was actually wearing more than Tinkerbell, Sesame Street yanked the spot from their winter lineup. Katy later appeared on Saturday Night Live playing a teenager who didn’t understand why the neighborhood moms suddenly objected to her volunteering at the local library — while wearing a tiny, ripped-open Elmo tee shirt.

Paris Hilton mugshotsevenParis Hilton gets busted again

After a relatively quiet couple of years — no upskirt photos, DUIs or engagements to wealthy Greek heirs — Paris Hilton proved once again that a leopard really can’t change its spots.

When Hilton and her boyfriend were pulled over for suspicion of DUI, cops found cocaine in Paris’ purse.

Even better? She told the cops multiple stories, including the purse in which the coke was found wasn’t hers, that it was actually hers but a friend had recently borrowed it, and that she thought the little package of cocaine was actually gum.

Hilton was sentenced to a ton of community service and a year of parole, but the incident is said to have cost her something much greater: An invite to Nicole Richie’s wedding.


Miley Cyrus hits the bong

Deep down inside we knew all hell was going to break loose the minute Miley Cyrus turned 18. Not long after the Disney star’s birthday, a video surfaced of Miley taking hits from a bong and immediately becoming nearly delirious.

Miley Cyrus bong

Some say she was smoking salvia, a legal hallucinogen, others insist it must have been pot. The only thing for certain is that it made Miley Cyrus even more annoying than usual.

fiveHeidi Montag 2.0

Not content to look like every other California valley girl of average attractiveness, Heidi Montag and her fame-grubbing husband Spencer Pratt decided Heidi needed some upgrades to look like every other California trophy wife of plastic “attractiveness.”

Heidi and SPencer

The Hills star underwent ten surgeries in one day, emerging with a frozen face and crooked boobs, then trash-talked her plastic surgeon after he died in a car crash. Classy.

Up next, the final four: Lindsay loses it, Mel’s motor mouth gets him in trouble again and Charlie Sheen is still Charlie Sheen.

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