Jennifer Connelly is pregnant!

Jennifer Connelly is pregnant with her third child, her rep has confirmed.

Hollywood power couple Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany have a little something extra to celebrate this holiday season: They are expanding their family with a third child!

Jennifer Connelly pregnant

Connelly and Bettany have a son, seven-year-old Stellan, plus Connelly’s 13-year-old son Kai by photographer David Dugan.

The actress, who turned 40 this week, has said that being a mom is what defines her life. “Becoming a mother has made all the difference in terms of learning to take more responsibility for myself and my life,” she proudly stated. “Parenthood changed the way I do everything. The biggest thing for me is wanting my kids to grow up safely and have happy lives. To me, that’s enough.”

Connelly and Bettany met in 2001 on the set of A Beautiful Mind, where they played the two main supporting characters to Russell Crowe’s John Nash. The couple wed in Scotland in 2003.