Jeff Bridges takes us inside Tron: Legacy

Dec 14, 2010 at 6:22 p.m. ET

Jeff Bridges returned to Tron and what a difference three decades makes. Since Bridges appeared in the original Tron in 1982, he has gone on to superstardom and even won an Oscar for Best Actor.

Jeff Bridges

Bridges came out of a show business family with his father Lloyd Bridges guiding him and brother Beau into the entertainment business at an early age. Bridges tells us that he took a different route with his children, and looking back realizes maybe his father was on to something. "I love this business, love everything about it," Bridges said.

Bridges talks to us about why he returned to Tron after almost 30 years and how the script for Tron: Legacy was far too compelling for him to resist. Also an intriguing element of joining the cast of Tron: Legacy was the fact that he could appear alongside his young self via the miracle of special effects. Bridges, circa the '80s, is computer generated onto the character of Clue while the real Jeff Bridges plays his own age as the iconic movie character, Kevin Flynn.

Jeff Bridges talks Tron: Legacy

SheKnows: Did you have any hesitation about revisiting the world of Tron?

Jeff Bridges: I did, sure I had a lot of hesitation. I have hesitation making any kind of decision really in my life [laughs]. I mean, I'm really slow at it. So, with this one, I thought, "Oh God, you know are they going to pull it off?" So they got it right. They got it really right! The filmmakers have captured the feel and atmosphere of the original. That's wonderful. They also brought Steve Lisberger [Tron creator] onboard which I thought was essential because the movie could be seen alone without seeing the original and still appreciate it, but to fans of the old one, this new Tron is going to be a flow between this one and that one. It is impressive.

SheKnows: What was it like seeing yourself as a younger man on film?

Jeff Bridges: Amazing. And for one thing, what that means for me as an actor is that I can play myself at any age now, man [laughs]. It's quite remarkable. And they'll be able to combine actors. I don't know quite how I feel about this as an actor, but that's what is coming up in this business. Maybe we can get a little [Marlon] Brando in there and see what happens [laughs].

SheKnows: Does that make you worried at all for the future of acting?

Jeff Bridges: A little bit, it's getting pretty crazy.

Tron for today

SheKnows: How do you think the story of Tron: Legacy relates to today's world?

Jeff Bridges: With Tron: Legacy, I thought we could use a modern-day myth about the challenge of technology, of how we're going to surf that particular wave. You know those are tough waters we're coming into now. You know we could do some amazing things. But, we can also easily head off in the wrong direction very quickly with technology.

Tron Legacy

SheKnows: Do any of your acting compatriots ever complain about the rapidly evolving technology and how it affects actors?

Jeff Bridges: You can't spend too much time bitching about the way it is, you know? You've got to get with the program as soon as you can, especially when you're making a movie. That was challenging, but it was a good exercise. It is the way it's going. This is the way movies are going to be.

Bridges on winning an Oscar

SheKnows: Has your life changed since winning an Oscar last year?

Jeff Bridges: I think it has, but I haven't really. Right after, a day after the Oscars, I went right to work on True Grit. So, I got right back into work mode and I've been kind of working ever since. I haven't noticed a big flood of scripts coming in or anything like that.

SheKnows: Where do you keep the Oscar?

Jeff Bridges: My wife and I wanted to do this thing and I thought it would be fun. I was going to ask my wife, for my kids, to take the Oscar and hide it in different spots in the house [laughs] and we'll discover it like where's Waldo. But, we didn't do that. I have him sitting on a little shelf between the kitchen and the dining room.

Bridges: The role of family

SheKnows: You came from a showbiz family, was going into the business a given for you?

Jeff Bridges: For me, it was the continuation of what your father gives you. I've always thought [for] my own dad and mom -- it's like a relay race to get the baton to carry on their work. I think that's what is going on in Tron too, with the father and son storyline.

Tron: Legacy features a young Jeff Bridges

SheKnows: Are you trying to pass the baton to your children?

Jeff Bridges: Absolutely, unlike my father, who was really gung-ho about passing the entertainment business on to his kids. He loved all aspects of the business, making the movies, working with all the other artists -- he loved it all. He wanted to turn all his kids on to it. I'm glad that he did that. I love this profession. But, it's a double-edged sword. The other side of that is that one, you don't want to do what your parents tell you [laughs]. You certainly don't want to be a product of nepotism, which I am. I don't think I'd be doing this if my dad hadn't said, "Come on!" For me, I had done 10 films before I really decided that I was going to do this. I kind of resisted. With my own kids, I decided to be not so proactive about what they were going to do with their lives and figure it out themselves. I'm kind of sorry I did that [laughs]. Maybe they would have gone into the business, but they are off doing their own things.