Paris Hilton not invited to Nicole Richie’s wedding

Nicole Richie invited an elephant to her wedding, but left out her former BFF, Paris Hilton. Hilton was not invited to the wedding of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden!

Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie faced the same dilemma of many brides — how to whittle down the guest list. Like millions before her, she faced some tough decisions: Who to cut and who to keep. Seventy-five family members and friends made it. One person who didn’t? Former BFF Paris Hilton.

Nicole’s wedding will be super small, and a lot of people who have played a role in her life like Paris have been cut from the guest list,” said a source. “Nicole cut down the guest list because she didn’t want a huge wedding. She didn’t invite a bunch of her celeb friends. This has apparently upset a lot of people.”

Nicole and Paris were BFFs growing up and notoriously filmed the ever-entertaining reality show The Simple Life together, but experienced a rift that neither of them seem to ever want to talk about — other than Paris saying Nicole just got jealous over Paris getting more attention.

The juicier version of what happened is that Nicole showed the Paris Hilton sex tape at a party as a joke.

Either way, Paris and Nicole sort of reconciled a few years later, but their friendship was never quite as tight as it was in their younger years. Their wildly different lifestyles (Nicole becoming a mom of two, Paris accomplishing such feats as going to jail for breaking probation and getting arrested for coke possession) have kept them apart ever since.

If Paris had any hurt feelings about being snubbed, she partied them away in Vegas to celebrate the birthday of her pal Jennifer Rovero — the chick that took the fall in Hilton’s South Africa pot arrest.

If it’s any consolation to Hilton, Nicole Richie also didn’t invite her biological father to the wedding.

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