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Blue Valentine trailer

Blue Valentine may have been downgraded from an NC-17 rating to an R, but many of us are still wondering — what is this film all about?

Nothing creates more publicity for a movie than ratings speculation and two sexy stars. The steamy and sexually-charged scene surrounding Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling in the new movie, Blue Valentine, originally caused the movie to carry an NC-17 rating, but in a last minute change, Blue Valentine was bumped back down to R.

Blue Valentine trailer debuts

The change, however, does not stop curious eyes from wondering just how hot-and-heavy Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling got in Blue Valentine or what the movie is even all about.

Blue Valentine features Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a young married couple living the painful reality of family life, compared to their past as a care-free dating couple. Doesn’t sound too steamy, right? That’s what we thought, but the film’s use of present and past to move the story, tells a heart-wrenching and raw story of reality — romance to harsh truth in a heartbeat or 24 hours in Blue Valentine’s case.

Check out SheKnows’ trailer of Blue Valentine and tell us if you will watch Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling heat up the screen. Who doesn’t want to see Hollywood’s hottest actors star opposite each other? Blue Valentine is set for limited release on December 31.

Blue Valentine trailer

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