A very bad day for Skating with the Stars

It has been a rough day for the cast of Skating with the Stars, including a bad case of food poisoning and a finger nearly sliced off.

Skating with the Stars

It started this morning with a 911 call from the CBS lot in Los Angeles. Emergency workers were told that Skating with the Stars contestant Brandon Smith was throwing up and having difficulty breathing.

“He was throwing up on set and we think it is food poisoning,” said a rep for the show.

Smith, who stars with Demi Lovato in the hit Disney show Sonny with a Chance, will not be skating this week due to his illness.

Later in the day, contestant Brooke Castle was rehearsing with her partner — and Olympic gold medalist skier — Jonny Moseley when she fell on the ice and Moseley skated right over her finger.

Castle began bleeding profusely and was taken to a local hospital, where it was discovered her finger was sliced down to the bone. But after a few quick stitches, Castle is as good as new — and she still plans to skate.


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