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Bristol Palin makes gay joke on Facebook directed at Margaret Cho

Dancing With the Stars drama continues as Bristol Palin fires off a long letter — complete with a gay joke — to Margaret Cho, who claims Bristol was forced to go on the show by her parents.

Bristol Palin

Comedian Margaret Cho took the first shot when she wrote a post titled, “Pistol Whipped,” in which she claimed Bristol Palin was forced to be on Dancing With the Stars by her mom, Sarah Palin.

“The only reason Bristol was on the show was because Sarah Palin forced her to do it,” Cho writes. “Sarah supposedly blames Bristol harshly and openly…for not winning the election, and so she told Bristol she ‘owed’ it to her to do DWTS.” Cho did go on to write that Palin is “warm and incredibly supportive” and “looks beautiful on the dance floor.”

She ended her post by saying, “Now I am scared I am going to wake up with a decapitated moose head in my bed.”

Palin’s Facebook rant

Palin took to her Facebook page to respond, explaining the reason for her wanting to be on DWTS.

“Have explained my own motivations for accepting the invitation to dance, which included the simple fact that I was ready to get out of my comfort zone and try something new and challenging. I thought dancing would also be a great way to exercise — and it was…Notably absent from this calculus were political considerations. You want to talk politics, talk to my mom.”

Palin ends her note with what many are calling a gay joke directed at Cho, who is bisexual:

Margaret Cho

“To my friend Margaret Cho, if you ever have a question, call me girlfriend. Don’t ever rely on ‘sources’ who claim to know me or my family. You will be taken every time. And we need to talk. You say you ‘don’t agree with the family’s politics at all’ but I say, if you understood that commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us, to live our lives with less government interference and more independence, you would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert.”

Cho responds via Twitter

Cho responds on her Twitter account, saying: “Must write song ’embrace me’ with kd lang and indigo girls. Must!!!!!!!” and “From jim short: These famewhoring Palins need to be renamed The Alaskardashians.”

“The only reason Bristol is so freaked out and everyone is asking me to retract what I said is because they know its true,” Cho tweets.

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