Private Practice: Just Lose It

Dec 2, 2010 at 12:06 p.m. ET

A turn in Charlotte's sexual assault case sends her into cheery autopilot on Private Practice tonight and Naomi returns to Oceanside Wellness, where the docs are grappling with how to best handle a pregnant addict.

In this week's Private Practice, Cooper is upset when the District Attorney's office reveals they won't be prosecuting Charlotte's sexual assault case. Charlotte, in contrast, stays cool. Too cool. In spite of the bad news, the normally hard-edged doc is all smiles and spewing clichés like, "What will be will be" and "I'm right as rain."

Private Practice

Naomi returns to town buzzing over her fantastic adventures in India, Tanzania and Laos. Thanks to technology, it's clear she's been able to keep up on everything going on back home.

What is less clear, however, is how much Naomi knows about hot and heavy Sam and Addison. Hearing about their budding romance was hard enough. Imagine learning your best friend wants to have a baby with your ex hubby!

Meanwhile, with her maternal instincts in high gear, Addison (Kate Walsh) is thrown for a loop by a "frequent flyer" addict who repeatedly shows up at the hospital ready to deliver a new baby. In spite of repeated attempts to get sober with much help from the docs at Oceanside, the patient has left a trail of disabled and deceased children in her wake.

Addie is horrified to hear the routine Violet and Pete have fallen into, which results in them essentially paying her to give the baby up for adoption. It turns out Pete is fed up with the song and dance as well. He even suggests Addison tie her tubes during delivery, whether or not the patient gives consent.

JoBeth Williams returns to the show as Addison's mother Bizzy, but no word on how she fits into this week's drama.

Private Practice: Just Lose Itairs Thursday, December 2 at 10 pm on ABC, after a new episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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