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Madonna’s gym opens despite permit issue

Madonna’s flagship Hard Candy gym has opened in Mexico City after getting a few pesky permit issues taken care of.

Madonna opened the Mexico City Hard Candy gym with a splashy red carpet event and later taught a dance class herself with 20 lucky handpicked members. But a city official later said the gym would not be open to the public unless Madonna’s people produced some very important pieces of paper: a security plan, a parking certificate and a land use permit.


“They only let us know Friday that they were going to have an inauguration, and when we had a meeting, they didn’t have a single permit … to operate,” said borough chief Demetrio Sodi in a television interview. “No protection program, no license, not even a certificate assuring they have parking.”

By Wednesday, according to authorities, Madonna’s reps had presented the missing documents and the gym was officially opened. Translation: Local officials had their palms greased and stepped aside.

Interesting side note, Sodi happens to be the uncle of Latin pop sensation Thalia.

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