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Mariah Carey sings with mom on Christmas album

Mariah Carey comes dangerously close to being out-sung by her own mother on her new Christmas album, Merry Christmas II You.

Mariah Carey has one impressive set of pipes, and it’s no secret where she got them from — her opera singer mother Patricia Carey.

Now Mariah and her mom have recorded their first duet, a powerful rendition of Oh Come All Ye Faithful, appearing on her new holiday album Merry Christmas II You.

“We discussed doing a duet and I really wanted to make sure it happened on this Christmas album,” Mariah recently told the press. “So I feel really blessed to be able to have this opportunity to have this on record forever — a song with my mom. She’s the one who really got me into being so festive at Christmas.”

Check out Mariah Carey’s Oh Come All Ye Faithful:

So how is the album? If this song is any indication, it is a return to Mariah at her best: A complete and perfect usage of her powerful pipes.

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