Justin Bieber on the X-Factor

Nov 30, 2010 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Justin Bieber was recently spotted performing on the X-Factor stage and there's a little less of that famous Bieber hair than we're used to.

Justin Bieber X Factor

Justin Bieber just stepped off of the AMA stage after accepting his Entertainer of the Year award -- now what? Bieber fever has spread across the pond to London, making its way into the X-Factorstudios -- sorry guys there's no cure, it's a worldwide epidemic.

Justin's x-factor performance

Justin Bieber performed a medley of his hits Somebody to Love and Baby on Sunday's episode of the X-Factor.

The American Music Award winner popped and locked his way through the performance and while some onlookers claimed JBiebs was lip synching, we're pretty sure he wasn't. Okay, maybe we're biased when it comes to the cutie-pie music sensation.

In true pop star fashion, Justin Bieber didn't let the haters get to him. Instead, he took to his Twitter account to get serious for a moment. The 16-year-old had a very important question of his own to ask: "Where r all my lovelys with the accents at??"


The Biebs crushing on Cheryl Cole

He also got his Twitter flirt on with one of the X-Factor judges, Cheryl Cole. "Cheryl u looked lovely as usual," he tweeted. That little scamp! Did he not learn what his female fans will do to an older woman if they try to steal the Biebs? Just ask Kim Kardashian and her list of death threats from jealous twelve-year-olds. It's not pretty.


Check out the clip of Justin Bieber performing on the X-Factor. We like his hair a tad shorter -- come on, it's still shaggy.

Watch Justin Bieber's X-Factor performance here:

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