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Joe Jonas’ knife blunder at Abu Dhabi airport

Joe Jonas caused quite a stir in Abu Dhabi and it wasn’t for his pop star status. Jonas had knives in his carry-on bag!

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas and his Twilight star girlfriend Ashley Greene were making their way out of Abu Dhabi recently when they were stopped by airport security. Turns out the 21-year-old Jonas Brothers member had a few extra items in his carry-on that were definitely not airport friendly — knives.

Calm down, Joe Jonas is not a contraband smuggler. It was a simple case of, my bad. “We were going from the Middle East to New York, so [there was] tons of security, tons of screenings,” Ashley Greene told George Lopez on Lopez Tonight. “We got through one, surprisingly enough.”

Greene told Lopez that when they reached a second screening, security “looked at us with these stern faces like, ‘What’s in your bag?'”

A little piece of boyfriend knowledge popped into Ashley Greene’s head. Joe Jonas, a lover of cooking, scored himself a cheese-cutting knife set during the trip and managed to put it in the very bag security was questioning. The best part of all this is the adorable singer’s response and defense to his girlfriend Greene: “Whoopsies!”

“Whoopsies doesn’t cut it,” Greene told Lopez of her reaction. “We were going to get arrested!”

So, did Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene make it onto the plane with Jonas’ beloved cutlery? Security allowed the set to be packed under the plane after hearing the couple out. For Greene, “It was embarrassing.”

Oh, that wacky Joe Jonas! Wonder if he got the pat-down or the full body search?

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