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Jessica Simpson’s vegan Thanksgiving for Eric Johnson

Is Jessica Simpson turning vegan for her fiance, Eric Johnson? Simpson recently reported she plans on making a vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Remember when Jessica Simpson wore the shirt that said, “Real Girls Eat Meat” — as a dig to vegan Carrie Underwood for stealing her boyfriend Tony Romo?

Well, it seems like Simpson has changed her tune, thanks to her new fiance Eric Johnson. Simpson told Jimmy Fallon that she plans on making a tofu turkey for Thanksgiving.

“After getting out of the NFL, [Eric] went to this healer and is very healthy,” she said, of her vegan fiance Johnson. “For Thanksgiving we have to make a Tofurkey! It doesn’t sound right! It’s gonna be jiggly and weird.”

Simpson reported that despite being a Texas girl, “when [Eric] cooks vegan, it’s good.”

She went on to say this Thanksgiving will be much different from the holidays in Texas. “I’m from Texas — I’d fry a steak,” Simpson said. “We eat all casseroles and giblets!”

Simpson and her fiance are planning on spending Thanksgiving together in New York. She went on to tell Jimmy that she is “very, very happy” and loved the fact that he proposed to her at home.

“It was romantic,” she said. “He kept the ring hidden in a shoe somewhere in my house…[and] had talked to my dad, he had talked to my mom, he even talked to my sister. Everyone knew but me!”

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