Glee Furt recap: Kurt makes a tough choice and Sue marries herself

Nov 24, 2010 at 9:53 a.m. ET

Glee teamed up with legendary funny lady Carol Burnett in this week's episode called Furt.

It was here comes the brides while bullying reached a boiling point on this week's episode of Gleeentitled Furt.

Glee recap: Weddings and bullies

Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Finn (Cory Monteith) get the news that their dating parents, Carole and Burt, have decided to marry. This sends Kurt into wedding extravaganza mode. Break out the wedding magazines, people. Finn seems a bit uncomfortable with the idea but decides to use it as a chance to take charge and pull something great off to prove he's still a leader.

Glee goes Furt

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) finds out that the anchor she dated is engaged and immediately feels humiliated. She decides to try online dating but realizes her true love is really herself. That's right, Sue Sylvester is marrying herself.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) tries to persuade Quinn (Dianna Agron) to be official by professing his love with a promise ring. She gives him a skeptical maybe.

Football player Karofsky continues to put pressure on Kurt in an emotional bullying sense. Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and Kurt see principal Sue Sylvester but she won't expel Karofsky unless there is physical violence. She tells Kurt to let this make him stronger. In perhaps the best point of the night, Sue calls Kurt "lady" and he replies, "When you call me lady that's bullying." Bravo, Glee!

The Glee girls decide they need to do something about Karofsky and his bullying so they make their boyfriends use their muscle.

Sue decides to hire Marcia Dean Weddings to plan her wedding to herself but they're immediately fired after they scoff at Sue wanting to officiate. Doris (Carol Burnett), Sue's mom, comes to town with great news. She's caught the last Nazi! Nope, you didn't hear wrong. Doris is a real-life Nazi hunter. Doris is not approving of Sue's wedding to herself but graciously agrees to walk Sue down the aisle. We know, we can't believe we're writing this either. It's brilliant.

Rachel (Lea Michele) can't get Finn to agree to help with her plan to stop Karofsky. It's because he wants his status back. Mike Chang and Artie do their part and try to get Karofsky to back off but Sam gets the brunt of Karofsky's fists.

Sue's mom decides she's going to sing at her daughter's wedding but Sue is bitter about her mom's absence due to Nazi hunting half her life. Sue can't forgive Doris for abandoning not just Sue but Jean, Sue's sister. Doris sings her daughter a song of apology through a fantastically done number of Ohio to which Sue joins in. Finally, more Sue Sylvester singing!

A Glee wedding!

Carol Burnett and Jane Lynch

Kurt teaches his dad Burt a thing or two about dancing so he doesn't look a fool at the wedding. Karofsky walks by and eyeballs them, leading Kurt to finally admit to his father that Karofsky has been bullying him and threatened to kill him. Burt goes after Karofsky but they all end up in the principal's office where Karofsky denies it all. Sue takes Kurt's side and expels Kurt's tormentor.

Santana threatens to tell Rachel she and Finn slept together last year right before the wedding march of Carole and Burt. This isn't just any wedding march. It's a Glee dance down the aisle to Bruno Mars' Marry You. Burt and Carole exchange vows and welcome each other's sons, Kurt and Finn, into their new family.

Finn's best man speech comes from the heart and he finally admits that he hasn't been there for Kurt like a brother but he vows to from now on. They are forever more joined by their new name, Furt! Finn presents Kurt with his contribution to the wedding by performing Just The Way You Are and dancing with his new brother without being ashamed.

Sue's wedding begins with Sue in a bright blue track suit dress with Jean and her mother watching. In true Sylvester style, she officiates and concludes with, "You may now kiss yourself." After Doris gets upset over the wedding, Sue confronts her mother about abandoning her and Jean, claiming Doris is nothing more than a bully herself.

Quinn puts on Sam's ring in honor of his bravery for standing up against Karofsky. Sam's efforts and Sue's decision to expel Karofsky mean nothing when the school board allows Karofsky back in school. Kurt's fear can no longer be ignored. He makes the decision to transfer schools. New Directions tries to band together to get him to stay by forming a human shield but it's no use, Kurt walks out.

Will Kurt really leave McKinley High? Keep watching Glee to find out.