David Hasselhoff dishes The Hasselhoffs

Dec 2, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. ET

David Hasselhoff is teaming up with A&E for a brand new reality show that takes us into the family life of the man, the myth, the legend -- The Hoff!

The Hasselhoffs

When SheKnows caught up with David Hasselhoff via phone, he was racing to his final rehearsal for an appearance on the Dancing With the Starsfinale. Sure, by the time you read this he will have already debuted his comeback dance, but he'll also have begun rehearsals for Peter Pan in London and embarked on a press tour for his new A&E reality series, The Hasselhoffs, premiering December 5. Oh, did we mention he'll also be keeping track of his two headstrong daughters, Hayley and Taylor, at the same time? That's just the kind of guy David Hasselhoff is -- a family man who happens to be famous.

In his new A&E series The Hasselhoffs, viewers will get an honest and truthful glimpse into the reality that is the Hasselhoff family. What you've heard and read is only half the story. As SheKnows found out, there is a whole other side to the very public persona that is The Hoff.

David Hasselhoff keeps it real in The Hasselhoffs

SheKnows: First of all, I was excited when I saw The Hasselhoffs. It was refreshing.

David Hasselhoff: Yeah, my hat is off to A&E because it was a hassle dealing with The Hoff on this one. I said, "I'm going to give you the good and the bad, but I'm not giving you the ugly." I said, "It's going to be done the right way." I wanted something where the family could sit down and get to know us and get to know us the way we are and not the garbage in the press.

SheKnows: To the public you're known as The Hoff but in the show we get to know you as a dad to your daughters Hayley and Taylor. Do you enjoy the Mr. Mom aspect?

David Hasselhoff: I kind of live for the Mr. Mom aspect of my life. I never really was prepared for divorce. I was always a hands-on father and when I realized suddenly I was trying to answer the questions your wife did or only a woman can be there for, it's a definite challenge. I'm sure there are a lot of single fathers that go through that and as close as you are to your children you're still not a mom. You know, they're able to learn a lot from my experience in show business and I'm able to learn a lot about being a mom from them.

David Hasselhoff


SheKnows: In the premiere, we get to see Taylor decide to either stay in college or come home to work on her band with Hayley. How do you help them with those decisions knowing they're entertainment-driven girls?

David Hasselhoff: Well, I think it's evident in our show that I deal with them on an honest level. There are consequences for your actions and if you leave school and don't make it, there's consequences for that. I tell them I can't stop you from doing anything and you can't stop me from doing anything. We're brutally honest and I think that's what has kept us in love with each other and protective of each other. Family comes from a place of morals and heart and the publicity is just part of dad being famous.

SheKnows: But how tough is it to just sit back?

David Hasselhoff: Hayley has got that Hasselhoff mentality. You know the "I know everything and I can do it" mentality. You have to let them make their own mistakes, but I'm very proud of my daughters and their attitude and compassion. I don't think you can train that. You're either born with it or follow by example. I think in that respect I get high marks.

SheKnows: How do you raise two separate daughters with different personalities and deal with jealousy issues? Do they get jealous of each other?

David Hasselhoff: You'd have to ask them that question [laughs]. I think sometimes the word envy is more appropriate than jealous. I think Hayley is envious of Taylor always being thin. Taylor is envious of Hayley being out there and getting her way and I'm sure she's proud but also envious. That's just a normal reaction.

The Hasselhoffs

SheKnows: Hayley got a leading role on the series Huge and it played out on your premiere episode of The Hasselhoffs. What was that experience like?

David Hasselhoff: Yeah, she got fantastic reviews and she was considered the breakout star and now the show is canceled and I said, "Welcome to Hollywood. Welcome to broken hearts."

SheKnows: But she did it and that's impressive and inspirational for a lot of girls.

David Hasselhoff: She's always had issues with weight and it was like God said, "Okay, you've been preparing for this role your whole life and here it is." The show really helped her grow up. She said with a show like this you lose all your friends and have to make sacrifices. I said, "Yeah, but you're going to make new friends and have a new family."

SheKnows: Fatherly wisdom.

David Hasselhoff: Now, the whole issue is praying for good ratings to get a second season because that's when we'll follow the girls in the studio and on their first tour. You'll see they don't really make it in their band the first season. It shows their ups and downs and them singing poorly and fantastically and singing in front of 10,000 people. I get them to the door and they walk up to that door and kick it down.

SheKnows: They have to break it down themselves?

David Hasselhoff: Yeah, I told them the worst thing I can do is lie to you. If they're not ready, I tell them. I took them on tour with me to Germany and threw them to the wolves. They held their own. I said, "That's the power of The Hoff, baby!"

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