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Eat Pray Love comes home

In Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts portrays Liz Gilbert, who embarks on a cross-continental journey after her marriage falls apart. Gilbert travels to Rome, India and Bali to encompass the three pillars of the Eat Pray Love story.

Roberts embodies Gilbert in Eat Pray Love, an international literary sensation adored by millions of men and women alike. Gilbert’s book shows that wherever you are in the timeline of your life, there is still time to stop, reflect and recharge. Although many of us cannot afford to take a year-long sabbatical from our jobs to globe-hop, the sentiment of Gilbert’s book rings true and is why it is so inspiring.

Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love exclusive!

Eat Pray Love landed in theaters in August and is now coming to DVD. We’ve got an exclusive clip from the home video release that further takes you inside the Eat Pray Love world, giving our readers an unparalleled insight into the making of the film.

When we caught up with Julia Roberts to discuss Eat Pray Love, the actress admitted it was the scope of Gilbert’s journey that truly inspired her. “I relate to her search and her pursuit. But, it was definitely great to have a fulfilled sense of my own life. To play some of these scenes and come home to my family and to know it’s all good, was perfect,” Roberts said.

Eat Pray Love

Another benefit of Roberts taking the role is the wardrobe. “I want to keep everything [laughs]. The costume designer, Michael Dennison, I think had me doing the most costume changes I’ve ever had in a movie. Before, it was 40 or 50. That’s average if you’re in a lot of the movie. This movie, by the time we were done — there were 103 costume changes! He works tirelessly over making it authentic. Every once in a while, he’d be working so hard on what we were trying to accomplish with my character, I’d sit back and think, ‘Wow, he still has to costume everyone else and all the extras!’ It was like wardrobe Olympics in this movie! I loved everything,” Roberts said.

“It was definitely a joy from one country to the next. I like the scene, the ‘it’s time’ scene (with Javier in Bali), I love that outfit. We needed something that was simple, we’re just hanging out. It also had to be pretty. He found the perfect outfit. That is in my closet actually [laughs].”

Finally, Roberts told us that working with Glee creator Ryan Murphy (who directed Eat Pray Love) was the icing on an already delicious cake. “Ryan set up this shoot perfectly. It is interesting that was one of the first situations I’ve been in that did call for a lot of emotional availability and it was all there on the page,” Roberts said. “The truth of every situation was right there in front of me. It all harks back to what Liz wrote and what her experience was. It was so rich. Her ability to share all those feelings is so keen.”

Eat Pray Love exclusive clip

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