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Miley Cyrus celebrates birthday with Avan Jogia

Miley Cyrus may act like she is 21, but she actually turns 18 tomorrow and, with the help rumored boyfriend Avan Jogia, has already started celebrating.

Miley Cyrus quickly changed out of her long black dress she wore at the American Music Awards and slipped into a halter top and tight leather pants to celebrate her 18th birthday at L.A.’s Trousdale with Nickelodon star Avan Jogia. The cameras reportedly caught them in a full on birthday make-out session!

Miley Cyrus and Avan Jogia

Even though Miley doesn’t officially turn 18 until tomorrow, she and her mom Tish Cyrus, along with Demi Moore and Rumor Willis, celebrated with a white tiered birthday cake. Her rumored boyfriend, Jogia, was reportedly at her party – and they were getting frisky by the looks of it!

The birthday celebration

“I’m going out dancing later — we rented out a space so all my friends can come,” Miley told Access Hollywood. “Me and my mom actually have choreography for the night later — everyone loves when we dance in unison.”

Please tell me someone got this on video.

Miley Cyrus 18th birthday

Miley said that she and her mom get lots of practice playing Xbox 360’s dance video game called Kinect. “There’s one [move] where you do like, the fist pump. You ‘Jersey Shore’ it for a second!” Miley said. “We got a bunch of moves going on. Everyone goes wild when me and my mom have choreography, so it’s going to be good.

Miley’s Birthday month

Miley won’t just celebrate her birthday on November 23, but she plans on partying the entire month of November. “I have a birthday month.. I do the whole month of November. Thanksgiving, cake – [it’s] all about me on Thanksgiving!”

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