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Dancing With the Stars finale predictions!

It started with twelve worthy stars racing for the Dancing With the Stars mirrorball trophy but will end with only one. On this week’s Dancing With the Stars finale, will it be Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey or Bristol Palin walking away with the coveted title of DWTS champion?

Dancing with the Stars predictions

Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars was perhaps the most unpredictable season in the show’s history. No one ever expected to see Brandy out of the finals and Bristol Palin dancing for the trophy — but it’s happening.

DWTS: Who will win it all?

SheKnows is taking one final look at the three remaining contestants going head-to-head in the Dancing With the Stars finale. Will it be Jennifer Grey, the Dirty Dancing icon who proved age and injury mean nothing if you have the technique and will power? Or will it be the natural born entertainer, Kyle Massey, who wowed the judges with his energy and good-time dances? Perhaps Alaska’s underdog Bristol Palin will get her second wind and blow away the competition.

Each of the finalists has an ace up their sleeve to give them an edge over their opponents, but it could be their Achilles’ heel that leaves them just out of reach of one of the most sought-after titles in reality television — Dancing With the Stars champion. Okay, that was a little dramatic.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (The ones to beat)

If it were as easy as who should win DWTS, Jennifer Grey would already be holding that mirrorball trophy. The 50-year-old actress has a body that looks 25 but unfortunately has injury after injury plaguing it. She’s dominated the leader board and is going into the finals with perfect-score momentum. Her ace in the hole will be her technique and grace. An added plus will also be her partner Derek Hough. Hough has been in the finals and bred winners out of stars like Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. He pulls out the most amazing freestyle dances.

Jennifer Grey

Her downfall could be her emotions. When she gets too critical of herself she becomes a mess on the dance floor — case in point, her chaotic paso doble that Carrie Ann Inaba tore apart.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer (The ones to watch)

Kyle Massey is the cutest ball of fire to grace the DWTS dance floor since Louie Vito. Okay, Kyle Massey has much better technique but you get the point. Massey’s strongest asset is his no-drama attitude on the dance floor. He doesn’t let anything bother him when he’s performing and his entertainment factor and technical ability blend together perfectly.

His only problem may simply be pulling in higher judges’ scores going into the home voting round. He could edge Jennifer Grey out with his charm to win this whole thing.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas (The dark horses)

What more can we say about Bristol Palin expect for bravo? Palin is catching a lot of heat for a show voted on by the American public. Someone, and it doesn’t matter who, put her in the finals and it’s time to deal with it — and not by shooting our TVs. Palin believes she’s not typical Hollywood and she’s relatable to the average person — we can agree with that. Her skill doesn’t match Jennifer Grey’s and her performance can’t quite measure up to Kyle Massey’s. What she does have though, is Mark Ballas. Mark Ballas has been coaching her with patience this entire season and the two produced their best dance when it counted — in the semifinals. If Bristol Palin can put her own self-confidence aside and listen to Mark Ballas, she could surprise us all.

We want to say Kyle Massey will dance away with the mirrorball trophy Tuesday night during the results show, but if the past is any indication it will probably be Jennifer Grey. Who do you think will win it all and be crowned the Dancing With the Stars season 11 champion?

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