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Wesley Snipes in federal custody for tax issues

Looks like Blade, Wesley Snipes, is heading to the slammer.

Wesley Snipes

After more than two years of appeals, a federal judge in Florida has upheld a ruling that will send actor Wesley Snipes to prison for three years.

Snipes has been free on bond since April 24, 2008, when he was found guilty of three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file his income tax returns but acquitted of two more serious felonies. He was seen most recently in Antoine Fuqua’s film, Brooklyn’s Finest.

After one final Hail Mary attempt by Snipes’ attorney, who requested the court review his sentence and grant a new trial, he was instructed to surrender to authorities so he can begin serving his sentence.

Snipes is currently in Atlanta where he was preparing to film his next film, Master Daddy.

Throughout the trial, Snipes has claimed he was a victim of racism. What we wonder is whether he’ll be given the Lindsay Lohan treatment, bouncing in and out of jail faster than you can say “preferential treatment,” or if he’ll be treated like Li’l Wayne who served eight months of a year-long sentence at the notorious Rikers Island earlier this year.

While Snipes is in prison, his next two films, Game of Death and Gallowwalker, are expected to make their way to theaters.

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