What will Eva Longoria do with Tony tattoos?

Eva Longoria has three Tony Parker tattoos — which poses a problem now that the couple is divorcing.

Eva Longoria tattoo

Attention ladies: Do not get your man’s name tattooed anywhere on your body — especially if they happen to be a pro athlete.

Eva Longoria has three Tony Parker tattoos that she wants to remove — pronto!

Eva’s Tony tats

Longoria has their wedding date (7-7-2007) tattooed in Roman numerals on the inside of her wrist, his basketball jersey number (nine) is tattooed on the back of her neck and she has his initials on a “secret spot that only Tony can see.”

Parker also has tattoos he will have to deal with. He also has their wedding date in Roman numerals on his left ring finger and, like Eva, had his jersey number on his right hand. No word if he also has her initials in a secret spot.

Other celebrity tattoo mistakes

Eva’s not the only celebrity that has had to fix a tattoo once the relationship sours. Angelina Jolie had a huge “Billy Bob” tattoo on her upper arm that she had to have fixed via laser removal. Johnny Depp had his “Winona Forever” tattoo changed to “Wino Forever” once he and Winona Ryder called it quits.

Eva Longoria neck tattoo

Lauren Conrad even had a “J” tattoo on her that she had changed to an L once she and Jason Wahler broke up. We have a feeling Brody Jenner will soon be paying a visit to a laser removal specialist after getting an “Avril” tattoo for his girlfriend, Avril Lavigne.

Tell us: What should Eva do with her tattoos? Or should she just start dating Tyler Perry?


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