Forget Ryan Reynolds: SheKnows readers pick our Sexiest Man Alive!

SheKnows readers have spoken: Ryan Reynolds is not the sexiest man alive, no matter what People magazine says.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ryan Reynolds is not your sexiest man alive, even if People magazine says so.

Another lanky dark-haired actor caught your eye instead: Jake Gyllenhaal.

SheKnows readers have spoken and the results may surprise many!

In our poll earlier this week, Jake takes the title with an almost two-to-one margin.

That’s right, you voted Jake as your dream boat.

SheKnows’ Sexiest Man Alive

Here’s how the responses broke down:

Jake Gyllenhaal – 31 percent

Taylor Lautner – 16 percent

Bradley Cooper – 14 percent

George Clooney – 10 percent

Chris Pine – 8 percent

Brad Pitt – 7 percent

Alexander Skarsgard – 6 percent

Zac Efron – 6 percent

Matthew Morrison – 2 percent (apparently the rest of you have not yet seen Morrison’s shirtless Details cover yet)

Matthew Morrison on Details

Not that Ryan Reynolds isn’t a very attractive man, but the sexiest man alive?

I’ll take Michael Weatherly five years ago before he started putting on his middle-age bloat over Van Wilder any day.

Chris Pine, a young Weatherly lookalike, would do in a pinch.

Since Jake Gyllenhaal is so high on your list, don’t forget to check in with your SheKnows’ Sexiest Man Alive as he stars with Anne Hathaway in the romantic drama Love and Other Drugs.


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