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Kate Walsh: My first celebrity crushes

We’re celebrating everything boyfriends with Kate Walsh this month at SheKnows. Today she shares her earliest celebrity crushes — and why she found them so irresistible.

The good

Teen Beat

When I was 10, I had posters of Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson over my bed. Every night before I turned out the light and went to sleep I would blow a kiss to each of them. Parker and Shawn were like angels looking over me.

I wish I could say that Shawn Cassidy was my first celebrity crush, but the truth is, I had had my share of celebrity crushes before. Oh, there were others!

The good

Bobby Brady: Loved him

  • He had brown hair, blue eyes and eventually wore braces. That was the trifecta of everything hot for me.
  • He was the same age as me — or at least he seemed to be — so for me, I had a chance with him.
  • He had freckles. Did I mention that I love freckles?
  • If his blended family could make it, then I had hope for my own future with divorced parents.
  • He had a really cool mid-century house with that bitchin’ staircase. I wanted to live in that house with him and his cute stepmom Carol and Alice and Sam-the-butcher and the dog, too. I wanted the whole package.
  • Also, he seemed to have great relationships with his older siblings, whereas mine alternately smoke pot on the lawn or tortured me.

Speed racerThe bad… or am I bad?

Speed racer and Racer X. I loved them both, equally and in different ways. Creepy, because obviously Racer X was speed’s bro. But that didn’t matter… I loved them both, dammit!

  • Racer X was an outcast — a loner — and at age 6, I didn’t understand it, but that turned me on.
  • Rex Racer had a wicked jawline.
  • International spy: come on.
  • Great architectural crib.
  • Speed had fierce hair, and it always looked good.
  • Intense eyes, geez! And when he drove, he was so focused… there’s nothing sexier than someone with sick talent.
  • You had me at the red bandana.
  • Also, Speed’s eyelashes were inspirational.
  • And, since he was a cartoon character, he had a great complexion.

Eddie MunsterThe ugly

Let’s be clear: I never thought he was ugly, but as soon as I would confess to anyone that I had had a crush on Eddie Munster, they would usually shriek, “Eww, he’s so ugly!” But I loved Eddie Munster and thought he was a stone cold fox.

  • Brunette, pale skin, blue eyes, freckles… sense a pattern here?
  • He was the youngest of his family; I was the youngest.
  • He was a vampire and in a family of freaks, I totally identified.
  • He had a widow’s peak, and so did I, but not as intense as his.
  • I thought he had great style and particularly enjoyed his neckties

I had never questioned my taste in men as a child, but now, looking back I definitely see some patterns, some good, some not. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Now that I’ve laid my soul bare, it’s your turn! Who did you crush on as a kid? Any interesting patterns to reflect on?

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