Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen perform Whip My Hair

Proving once again the Jimmys (Kimmel and Fallon) are the best thing late night talk TV has going (sorry, Conan, but it’s true), last night Jimmy Fallon took his own stage to perform a stirring rendition of Willow Smith’s smash single, Whip My Hair.

Uncannily in-character as Neil Young, Jimmy Fallon served up a spot-on impression, playing guitar and harmonica, while singing Willow’s lyrics, like, “Hop up out the bed turn my swag on/Ain’t no sense listening to them haters because we whip em off/And we ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

Hilarious and surprisingly catchy, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the audience went nuts as Bruce Springsteen took the stage to duet with Fallon.

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon Whip My Hair

At first, we almost thought it was Andy Samberg or Jason Sudeikis, dressed as The Boss, but no, it was the real deal Springsteen, Young’s longtime friend and occasional collaborator.

Together, they traded verses of “I whip my hair” and “Whip it” with Bruce’s gravelly rumble and Fallon’s dead-ringer reproduction of Young’s trademark nasal twang. The duo earned cheers from the crowd and made us feel like we were back on the streets of Philadelphia. It’s segments like that which make Fallon’s show so fantastic!

Over the years, we’ve gone through many late night host phases. Back in the 1990s, Letterman lulled us off to sleep every night with his sardonic wit and cutting humor, but soon we turned to Leno. Leno had his Headlines, Jay Walking and kinder, gentler brand of late night humor that elicited much better celebrity interviews because the guests weren’t on high alert for the next biting comment. Then our loyalty went to Conan’s string dance and manic energy, until we discovered Jimmy Kimmel — whose monologue is always the best on television and whose ease is unmatched.

We’ve never been into Craig Ferguson or Carson Daly, but Kimmel and Fallon make late night worth staying up for, whether it’s Fallon bantering with the best late night band around, The Roots, and getting Mark Paul Gosselaar to be interviewed as Zach Morris — complete with brick cell phone — or Kimmel feuding with Matt Damon and starting The Handsome Men’s Club.

Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: Whip My Hair