Green Lantern trailer premieres: Watch it here!

Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan in the movie Green Lantern, which hits theaters June 2011.

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2010 Ryan Reynolds is starring in the Green Lantern, alongside a brunette Blake Lively (Gossip Girl).

Green Lantern

Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of why Reynolds nabbed People Magazine’s sexiest title. He flaunts his abs playing test pilot Hal Jordan, who comes in contact with an alien that gives him the ring that turns him into the Green Lantern. “The ring, it chose you. Use its power to defend our universe.”

The ring will give him many powers, such as the ability to fly, manipulate objects with his green energy and read minds. But is Hal Jordan ready to take on the responsibility? “The one thing that a Green Lantern is supposed to be is fearless,” he tells Carol Ferris (played by Lively) in the trailer, “that isn’t me.”

How did Reynolds get in Green Lantern shape? “It’s all part of the job, so I guess I can’t complain,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “You spend one day a week eating what you want and the other six days eating drywall and wood chips.”

Watch the Green Lantern trailer here!