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Girl Talk’s All Day available for free download

Girl Talk’s new album, All Day, is available for free download today. Who is Girl Talk and is the download worth it?

Girl Talk's new album All Day available for free download

It’s apparently Free Music Monday thanks to Girl Talk. Girl Talk, the stage name for Pittsburgh-based DJ Gregg Gillis, is offering a free download of his fifth album All Day.

All Day is the follow-up to Girl Talk’s 2008 release Feed the Animals and features 13 tracks sampled from 373 songs by artists like Rihanna, Cyndi Lauper and Black Sabbath, to name a few. The DJ started mixing tracks as a biomedical engineering student at Case Western University in Celeveland. His hobby turned into a full-time thing when he released Secret Diary in 2002.

The 73-minutes of fast-paced dance beats is now available for download on his label’s website Illegal Art. The website was bogged down after the announcement, undoubtedly because free-music fans wanted to get their mitts on the release.

The track listing for All Day includes:

Oh No
Let It Out
That’s Right
Jump on Stage
This Is the Remix
On and On
Get It Get It
Down for the Count
Make Me Wanna
Steady Shock
Triple Double
Every Day

Curious how Girl Talk gets the permission (and the cash) to sample that many songs for an album he gives away for free? We are too. Turns out he doesn’t get permission — he samples all of the music under the guise of Fair Use. It’s surprising big-name labels haven’t silenced him yet — especially since the growing popularity of Girl Talk helps him sell out the majority of his tour dates.

Will you download Girl Talk’s All Day?

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