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Bill Clinton to make cameo in The Hangover 2

The Hangover 2 is going political — at least its casting is — with the news of a Bill Clinton appearance in the wildly anticipated sequel to The Hangover.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton will make a guest spot as himself during the highly anticipated The Hangover 2. At the prime age of 64, Bill Clinton will hang with the big comedy dogs, even if it is just for a short cameo, in The Hangover 2 that is hoping for a box office repeat of The Hangover.

The Hangover took in a cool $277 million and became a classic, producing such pop culture references as Ed Helms’ Stu’s Song.

Bill Clinton was on location to shoot his cameo for The Hangover 2 in Bangkok, Thailand, but there’s no word on the details of the suave former president’s actual scene.

The Hangover 2 guest spots

The Hangover 2 stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha, but the mighty sequel has been name dropping some big celebrities as of late to take part in the sequel.

Recently, news broke that Liam Neeson was replacing Mel Gibson after Gibson was stripped of his role as an alleged tattoo artist.

Neeson was actually oblivious that his part belonged to Mel Gibson at one time. “Apparently, yes [the part was Mel’s]. I didn’t realize it at the time,” Liam Neeson told Access Hollywood.

Liam Neeson has also been shooting down the rumors that his hand-me-down role is a tattoo artist in Bangkok, Thailand. Either way, this sequel sounds like good-time fun. Do you think The Hangover 2 can top the original? We want to know.

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