Jake Pavelka back to being a pilot

After his wings of love were clipped on The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka is back working as a commercial pilot.

Jake Pavelka

The former Bachelor star, 33, reportedly piloted a short Delta flight, from Atlanta to Augusta, Georgia, on October 24 after being seen in the Delta crew lounge at the Atlanta airport the day before.

According to one passenger on his flight, “The flight attendant asked us not to tell anyone because he didn’t want it to be known. When they announced our captain they just said, ‘Your captain today is Jake.'”

We don’t know what’s scarier, the idea of Jake dating or Jake flying? Would you trust your life to that guy? As far as we’re concerned, Pavelka is a total sociopath.

Unconvinced? Shall we look at the telltale signs of one? Let’s!

1. Callousness and lack of empathy: Check; just watch the special where he and Vienna Girardi discuss their breakup. It’s textbook.

2. Need for stimulation: Check; he’s a pilot and a reality star — need we say more?

3. Grandiose sense of self: Double check; that guy has a major God complex and he oozes holier-than-thou righteousness.

4. Glibness and superficial charm: Triple check! Watching him flash his dead-eyed dimpled smile, peel his shirt off to reveal washboard abs, and then talk about all the Christian qualities he was looking for in a mate was downright creepy.

We’ll never forget the opening of the Jake Pavelka season of The Bachelor. It all began, Skin-a-max style, with a steamy shower scene, close ups on a bar of soap slowly being rubbed all over a tight, wet body, then a nude torso, rising from a pool, followed by wood being sawed in the hot sun, just a tool belt and some big muscles to keep you company. All we could think was, what’s so wrong with this guy that they have to turn his intro into soft core porn?

We couldn’t bear to watch his overly constructed facade slowly crack on Dancing With the Stars, we kept waiting for him to boil Len Goodman’s bunny, and now that he’s back to flying, we don’t feel the skies are any friendlier. But at least we don’t have to see him on TV anymore. Phew!


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