John Travolta baby not here yet

Despite reports that John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston was in labor with Travolta’s son Benjamin, the couple’s rep confirms that there is no Travolta baby just yet.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston pregnantJohn Travolta is excited to meet his son Benjamin but he’ll be waiting at least a little longer. Travolta‘s wife Kelly Preston has not gone into labor yet, according to the couple’s rep.

All eyes are on Kelly Preston’s baby bump as her November 26 due date draws near. Travolta shared that while he was in Australia for Qantas Airlines’ 90th anniversary, Preston was having Braxton Hicks contractions. Travolta is on his way back home now and his rep shares this was the plan from the start — not a change due to an early birth of Travolta and Preston’s baby.

SheKnows will keep you posted on all the latest details of Travolta and Preston‘s baby boy!

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