Reba McEntire’s new album out today

Reba McEntire is back on the music scene with her new album All the Women I Am on sale today. What are critics saying about the country queen’s latest work?

Reba McEntire's new album out Nov. 9

Reba McEntire’s back on the country music scene with her latest album, out today. Unfortunately, early reviews of the release aren’t so positive.

McEntire’s 34th album, All the Women I Am, includes her current radio single Turn on the Radio, along with a cover of Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy. A special DVD also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the album.

This album talks about all the women I am,” McEntire explained during her appearance on Good Morning America Tuesday. “It talks about going through a divorce, having children, helping your buddies out, finding the right guy in their life, and then telling the guy he’s treated you bad.”

Apparently, all the women of McEntire are having a mid-life crisis.

Washington Post writer Allison Stewart says that the Turn On the Radio, “[E]xemplifies her ongoing struggle to find a song worthy of her voice, a song that will allow McEntire, now in her fourth decade of recordmaking, to sound contemporary without sounding like an LOL-ing teenager.”

Stewart gives a more favorable review to other songs on the album, including If I Were a Boy. That cover, along with the extras on a special limited-edition deluxe album, still makes the album a solid purchase for the country fan in your life.

Can’t get enough Reba? You’re in luck! The release of All the Women I Am the beginning of a big week for McEntire – she’s up for Female Vocalist of the Year at Wednesday’s CMA Awards. She’s also set to perform on Friday’s episode of The Late Show with David Letterman.


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