Dakota Fanning crowned homecoming queen

Breaking Dawn actress Dakota Fanning has been named homecoming queen of her private California high school!

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning has played many roles in her young life, but the one she is relishing most right now is that of normal high school student. Fanning may be one of the stars of Twilight, but being crowned homecoming queen at her California high school is the highlight of her year so far!

Fanning, who was named to the homecoming court last year, accepted the honor with her usual girlish grace, wearing a short sparkling dress with black tights and boots while taking the arm of her king, a varsity football player.

But wait, why is a star of Fanning’s caliber attending a regular high school — albeit a pricey private one — instead of having a private tutor like most child stars? Call it a need for normalcy.

Dakota told Today in June, “I think it was really important to have the high school experience. I think that I want [the college] experience as well. I just think everyone always looks back on that time in their life. Who was homecoming princess and [did] the cheerleading…and all the things that go along with high school? And I wanted to have that. I’m really lucky that I found a school that allows me to do both.”

The teen’s next role is back on the big screen, as Jane in both installments of Breaking Dawn.


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