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Wheel of Fortune contestant guesses correct phrase from one letter

Wheel of Fortune contestant Caitlin Burke made game show history when she answered a puzzle with only one letter showing. What was the phrase? Let’s just say she had a good feeling about her answer.

Burke, a 27-year-old Hearst magazines fashion editor, managed to pull off the most amazing feat last week on Wheel of Fortune: She solved a 27-letter puzzle with just one letter showing.

Caitlin Burke answers Wheel of Fortune question with just one letter showing

The bubbly contestant spun the wheel and then asked for the letter L. Co-host Vanna White obliged and revealed the sole L in the puzzle.

No one could have predicted what would happen next. Burke asked host Pat Sajak if she could solve the puzzle. He was surprised by the request.

“Can I solve the puzzle?” she repeated.

Sajak paused for a few seconds, then finally gave the go-ahead.

Then she solved the entire puzzle, with just the one letter showing. Her answer?

“I’ve got a good feelings about this,” she confidently shouted.

And that she did.

“That’s right!” Sajak said, dumbfounded. He went over to her to get the full story.

“I had a good feelings about it,” she happily replied. “What do I win? What do I win?”

She ultimately won a Caribbean Cruise for the feat that no other contestant in the history of the popular game show has been able to do.

Just watch Caitlin Burke’s winning clip and imagine yourself in her place.

Watch Caitlin Burke’s amazing guess!

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