Meredith Vieira completes NYC marathon

The Today Show host Meredith Vieira, along with her co-host Al Roker, completed the New York City Marathon on Sunday. Find out the results of all the celebrity marathon runners, including if Meredith beat Al!

Meredith Vieira and Al Roker NYC marathonToday’s Meredith Vieira ran the 26.2-mile New York City Marathon on Sunday and was treated to a day of pampering, along with fellow runner Al Roker, by their co-hosts on this morning’s show.

“So is this not a good time to tell them we took the subway?” Vieira jokingly said.

The journey

Fifty-five-year-old Vieira said it took “months of preparation and training” but she was “psyched!” to run the 41st NYC Marathon, which is the largest marathon in the world with over 43,000 runners participating.

Vieira said she has always wanted to run a marathon. “I’ve been a ‘runner’ for years and years. Nothing more than six miles. But it was really Al who inspired me. When Al said he was going to do it, it triggered it in me. I said I’ve been talking about doing it forever. I’ll just do it with him. It will be fun to run with him.”

“I have no idea why [I’m doing it],” Roker joked. “I started running for fitness, and my trainer-nutritionist guided me into it.”

Vieira finished before Roker with her time at 5:59 versus Roker’s time of 7:09, and was tearfully hugging friends and family. “The last sprint was the best!” she said.

Well-deserved pampering

Fellow Today show co-hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry pampered Vieira and Roker with foot massages, champagne and flowers. “It was fun, it was tough around mile 15,” said Roker.

Vieira looked to be doing well this morning after the long run — with the exception of a “big ole’ blister on my toe,” she said.

Other celebrity marathon results

Other celebrity marathon runners included Survivor’s Ethan Zohn, who is recovering from cancer and finished at 4:16, Howard Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers (6:09:15), Ryan Sutter (3:20), Subway’s Jared Fogle (5:13:28) and chef Bobby Flay, who came in at 4:01. One of the Chilean miners, Edison Pena, also ran the marathon with an impressive time of 5:40.


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