Megamind movie review

In Megamind, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey are hilarious, but that hardly should surprise. Simply one of the biggest surprises of Megamind is how tongue-in-cheek funny Brad Pitt is as Metro Man, the superhero who protects Metro City from the bad guys.

Megamind moves us

Pitt’s Metro Man and Ferrell’s Megamind have been rivals, literally since birth. When their planet is being sucked into a vortex of some kind, the two are jetted off their planet to land on earth. Thus begins the story of Megamind, a classic tale of good versus evil, completely turned on its head.

Megamind in theaters November 5

When it comes to a Megamind review, something needs to be mentioned right off the bat. DreamWorks does animated 3D as it should be done. The texture, feel and power of 3D is on full display with the movie magicians at DreamWorks, who have crafted a three-dimensional film of the highest order.

Yes, Megamind is a fun movie on its own. But, in 3D, it is the rare film of 2010 that when looked at in hindsight, begged to be presented to its audience in the James Cameron, Avatar-spawned movie trend of the year. Actually, what the Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Brad Pitt-starring vehicle has done is establish a resounding rule: Animated movies of the future (and present) need to embrace the technology of the day and produce animated features that pop off the screen in the same visual wizardry as Megamind.

Yet in all seriousness, no movie that is visually stunning gets a free pass without carrying a solid story and stellar turns by its actors and Megamind possesses both.

Megamind: Finding Superhero spark

Will Ferrell is Megamind

Whether it’s Batman’s Gotham City or Superman’s Metropolis, a superhero story frames itself as if the central city is the core to establishing its hero’s might.

Megamind’s Metro City has its savior in Metro Man, so when suddenly he falls off the face of the map, a vacuum of power is created. Who to fill that wanton hole of civic safety when Pitt’s Metro Man disappears?

Ferrell’s Megamind realizes without Metro Man’s Yin, he has no Yang. He must create a superhero, in a superb stroke of comic-book type storytelling, to allow him to feel that his success is simply, worthy. Megamind grows tired of walking into banks to steal money, looting museums for art of his choice and easily striking fear into the hearts of Metro City’s citizens.

Only, things don’t quite work out as Megamind planned.

Tina is tops

As the three leads frame the film with their voice-over work, Fey’s plucky reporter is more than merely an animated cut-out of a cartoon damsel in distress. Fey takes to voicing an animated character as the best conductors take to leading the world’s orchestras. Megamind is a multi-character film, and Tina Fey scores high points while Pitt’s Metro Man role is the stuff of legend.

Brad Pitt turns what could be a phoned-in performance into one of his silliest, in a fantastic, self-deprecating way. Like the film itself, Metro Man is not what he seems and because of that fact, through Pitt’s performance, Megamind sets itself apart.

It should also be pointed out that without Seth Rogen’s rocking turn, the crux of the Megamind story would fall flat. But, it doesn’t. It triumphs.

Megamind movie review

Out of five stars…



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