The Vampire Diaries recap: Rose

The Vampire Diaries unleashed a 500-year-old vampire on this week’s episode who shed light on the doppelganger mystery. Hell hath no fury like a 500-year-old vampire scorned.

On The Vampire Diaries, Elena’s captor was revealed while Stefan and Damon took a road trip to rescue her. Elsewhere, Tyler (Michael Trevino) pressed Caroline (Candice Accola) for answers and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) tended to Bonnie (Katerina Graham).

Damsel in distress

Our first glimpse of Elena post-Masquerade Ball was her body being put in the back of an unknown vehicle which happened to belong to a mysterious vampire named Trevor.

Vampire Diaries: Rose recap

Stefan was shaken by a bad feeling after Jeremy revealed Elena never returned home after the ball and weirder yet, her car was still at the Lockwood’s. Damon gave Stefan the lowdown on Katherine’s mindless ramblings of danger lurking around Elena. The two brothers found out Kat’s warning was not so false after all.

Trevor unloaded Elena’s body into a creepy house just outside of Mystic Falls. Turns out he was working with another vampire, Rose, to use Elena as a bargaining chip for their freedom. What are they running from? A 500-year-old vampire and one of the so-called originals, Elijah.

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Stefan convinced Bonnie to perform a locator spell using Jeremy’s blood to find Elena. As the group got a lead on Elena’s whereabouts, Bonnie’s nose leaked blood. Stefan and Damon set out to save Elena with some of Alaric’s vamp weapons.

Bonnie realized she might be able to get a message to Elena via a spell. The challenging spell took a toll on the witch and she passed out. Meanwhile, Jeremy nursed Bonnie back to health and the two came to the conclusion that the magic has been too much. She swears him to secrecy and the two bonded over being outsiders.

Outside of Mystic Falls, Rose and Trevor told Elena she’s being traded for their freedom. A powerful 500-year-old vampire and part of the originals, Elijah, needs her to break the sun and the moon curse of the moonstone. Here’s where it got interesting: Elena being Katherine’s doppelganger is the key. Sacrificing the doppelganger breaks the curse.

Trevor filled Elena in on the story behind the originals being the first family of vampires. Turns out Trevor helped Katherine escape her own fate once upon a time, against Elijah’s wishes, and that’s why he and Rose have been running from him all this time.

Tyler and Caroline Bond

Even after Damon’s warning that Caroline stay away from Tyler, she just couldn’t help herself. Tyler looked shaken by the memorial for Sarah and naturally she tried to comfort him. All Tyler cared about was finding out how Caroline knew the wound Sarah put in his chest had healed so quickly. She totally avoided his question and begged him to just move on and be appreciative that she covered for him.

Next on The Vampire Diaries, Tyler showed up at Caroline’s claiming she’s a werewolf like him. She then showed him her vampire fangs and the two bonded over their supernatural powers. They formed a pact that no one else would find out, even though Caroline knows she’s lying when it comes to others knowing.

Just before Damon and Stefan arrived at the house, the younger brother revealed he’s been digesting small amounts of Elena’s blood to strengthen him.

Elijah then blew into the house forcing Rose to barter her freedom in exchange for Elena. She told him Katherine lived and he didn’t seem too phased. Rose informed him she was in possession of Katherine’s doppelganger but he wanted to see for himself.

Vampire Diaries

Damon and Stefan prepared to enter the house and Damon warned Stefan they might not make it out alive. Stefan couldn’t think of a better reason to die — for Elena. Trevor apologized to Elijah who gave him forgiveness but beheaded him anyway. Elijah freed Rose, however. Elijah then compelled Elena to tell him where the moonstone was after removing her vervain necklace.

As the two were leaving, Elijah realized someone else was in the house. Stefan got to Elena and Damon captured Rose. Elena came out of hiding and threw a vervain bomb at Elijah, but he healed quickly. Stefan threw him down the stairs and Damon put a stake in Elijah. Rose escaped after Elena asked for her to be let go. It looked like Elena was going to run into Damon’s arms but Stefan intercepted her. You could see the look of hurt on Damon’s face.


Back at the Salvatore house, Stefan and Damon admitted that the only way to keep Elena safe was not to fight each other. Stefan apologized for forcing Damon to turn all those years ago, but he did it so he wouldn’t be alone. He needed his brother. Rose revealed herself to Stefan and offered her help in keeping Elena safe from the rest of the originals.

Damon showed up at Elena’s with her vervain necklace and told her he loved her without the power of compelling her. He told her he wouldn’t be selfish and that Stefan deserved her love, not him. He then compelled her to forget and when she opened her eyes the necklace was on and Damon was gone.

That wasn’t the only cliffhanger on The Vampire Diaries episode. Elijah did not die! He awoke at the end credits.


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