Behind the scenes of Demi Lovato's breakdown

Nov 3, 2010 at 4:25 p.m. ET

An airport meltdown was the final straw that sent Demi Lovato into treatment for emotional issues.

Demi Lovato

Is there rehab for drama queens? According to sources, that is exactly where Demi Lovato went. Insiders say that while the Disney star is certainly suffering from a nasty habit of self-mutilation and an eating disorder -- said to be bulimia -- Demi has been acting up all summer long because of her breakup with Joe Jonas.

And then he went and got himself a new girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend, though -- extremely high-profile Twilight actress Ashley Greene. In a snowball effect, it was all too much for Demi to bear and came to a head in a South American airport.

According to a source, Demi -- whose nickname on tour was allegedly "Demi Drama" -- lost her head at a Peru airport on Saturday. She got into a scuffle with one of her backup dancers, then made physical threats to Ashley Greene.

"She just lost it right at the airport in front of everyone," says the source. "The [Jonases'] dad basically said right there, 'That's it. You're going home.'"

A tour insider says the dancers were all given a stern warning not to discuss the altercation or risk violating their confidentiality agreement.

The fight made Demi and her handlers realize that coupled with her other issues, the girl needs help. While they are only admitting to cutting and the eating disorder, rumors have been around for years that the now-18-year-old has a penchant for cocaine. For their part, her handlers deny she is in any kind of substance abuse rehab.

Ashley Greene maintains radio silence.

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