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Charlie Sheen party photos revealed!

Photos of the dinner Charlie Sheen shared with porn star Capri Anderson and friends right before his NYC hotel rampage have surfaced — and we have them!

TMZ nabbed photos of Charlie Sheen and porn star Capri Anderson at dinner in New York City with friends just hours before Charlie’s hotel rampage made headlines.

Charlie Sheen parties with a porn star

Photos courtesy TMZ

The pics show an extremely disheveled Sheen at a table with some extremely expensive wine: Grand Vin de Chateau Latour, which runs almost $6000 a bottle. Charlie ordered two.

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Of course, that’s chump change for the actor who’s in the middle of a $98 million TV deal. That cash could also explain why his wife Brooke Mueller hasn’t walked out on him after A) He held a knife to her throat last Christmas and B) He was caught in a hotel room with a porn star.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie’s rampage was allegedly brought on by a missing watch. Not just any watch, though — a very rare Patek Phillippe 5970 valued at $150,000. You can glimpse a bit of it in the TMZ photos.

Charlie Sheen

As for Capri Anderson, her stock has skyrocketed in the past few days. She has already received multiple offers — porn offers, of course — in the mid five-figures, and more are rolling in every day. She might want to suck in that tummy, though.

Sex sells.

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