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Eddie Cibrian’s ex Brandi Glanville arrested for DUI

Brandi Glanville, ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, was arrested in Los Angeles on Thursday morning for suspicion of DUI. I wonder what LeAnn Rimes will have to say about this?

Brandy Glanville and Eddie Cibrian

Fresh off her divorce being official from Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville was pulled over last night at 12:05 am in Beverly Hills for an unknown traffic violation. Officers smelled alcohol on her breath and she failed a field sobriety test and was then arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Glanville was still in custody Friday morning and was being held for $5,000 bail. TMZ reports she was released at 8:21 am.

Check out the police report here!

Brandi versus LeAnn

It has been quite the year for Brandi Glanville, who divorced Eddie Cibrian after learning of his affair with his Lifetime movie co-star, LeAnn Rimes. Cibrian and Rimes continue to have a public relationship, and Rimes frequently tweets about Glanville and Cibrian’s two sons, 7-year-old Mason and 3-year-old Jake — much to the annoyance of Glanville.

In fact, after learning that Rimes and Cibrian had to take her son Mason to the ER via Twitter, Glanville called Rimes a “bad parent.” With the news of Glanville’s DUI, I wonder what Rimes will be saying now?

What a day for Cibrian! His girlfriend, LeAnn Rimes is in the middle of the Shape magazine controversy, while his ex-wife got arrested for DUI.

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