Vampire Diaries recap: Masquerade

Vampire Diaries might as well have called this week’s episode, Masquerade, sweeps week because it was epic. Masquerade set off an amazing chain of events that left us ready to sink our teeth into more Vampire Diaries.

On last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Sheriff Liz Forbes and daughter Caroline (Candice Accola) spent some quality time together prompting Caroline to compel her mother’s memories. Meanwhile, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) ripped out Mason’s (Taylor Kinney) heart, literally, setting Katherine (Nina Dobrev) on an even more dangerous warpath, including putting Jenna in the hospital. Oh, did we mention Jenna had been compelled to spy and Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) seemingly broke up for real this time?

Vampire Diaries does Halloween

This week on The Vampire Diaries, all of Mystic Falls donned masks for the Lockwood’s masquerade ball and behind every hidden face a plan lurked. Check out the mass destruction that went down during this week’s episode, Masquerade.

New plan and new allies

Stefan and Damon received a message from Katherine via Caroline — bring the moonstone or it will “rain blood” at the Lockwood’s masquerade ball. Damon isn’t playing games anymore — when was he ever? He wants Katherine dead and wants it done like yesterday. Stefan wants the honors, however. The Salvatore brothers call on new allies to help in their plan to eliminate Kat. Alaric schools Jeremy and Caroline on how to use his nifty vamp weapons, while Stefan urges Bonnie to help destroy Katherine in Elena’s name. Caroline wants revenge, Jeremy is ready to avenge his family and Bonnie agrees to a trapping spell to conceal Katherine in a room at the ball. But that’s just the beginning. They’re not the only ones with a witch up their sleeves.

Katherine found herself the perfect outfit for the masquerade ball with the perfect matching accessory — a witch. Katherine called on her “friend” Lucy to attend the Lockwood’s masquerade ball with her. Seems like Lucy owes Katherine more than they are actual friends.

Meanwhile, Jenna returned home from the hospital and found herself with a watchful Alaric who was tasked at keeping Elena away from the ball while Jeremy snuck out to help. Not too hard to do, being that Elena and Stefan are broken up and she wants to sit at home anyway.

The Lockwood’s Masquerade Ball

Katherine and Lucy show up at the ball with masks securely placed for fooling any outsiders. Perfect plan seeing as how Katherine looked exactly like Elena, hair and all. They run across Matt and Katherine compels him to find Tyler and pick a fight with him until he antagonizes the werewolf within to kill and trigger the curse. Matt starts the process by getting himself, Tyler and two hot-to-trot girls drunk.

The witches of Vampire Diaries

Jeremy and Bonnie prepared a secure room in the Lockwood house for Damon and Stefan to complete their plan. Bonnie then got a witch twitch that led her to Lucy and the two are thrown by each other’s presence — yep, there are two witches at the ball.

Stefan runs across Katherine who tries to court him to dance, but the youngest Salvatore declines. Katherine said she’d find someone to kill so Stefan gave in and danced. She demanded the moonstone but he told her he didn’t have it so she killed Aimee on the spot.

Back at Jenna’s, Elena realized something fishy was happening so she told Jenna and Alaric she was going to bed but crept out to the ball.

Damon started a series of huge events by sending a text to Jeremy. Jeremy assured Katherine he’s not afraid of her and urged her to meet Stefan and Damon by the lake to get the moonstone. He left and was snatched behind a bush by Elena. Jeremy and Bonnie filled Elena in on what’s going down and she is not happy.

Caroline is next to receive a text. Hers is from Jeremy. She is intercepted by Katherine and threatened to spill what the Salvatores are up to. She makes Caroline tell her that Bonnie has the moonstone in a room in the house. Katherine forced Caroline to the room but the joke was on Katherine. Bonnie put a spell on the room to trap Katherine in with Stefan and Damon — who were loaded up with weapons. Damon rendered her helpless with a stake but outside Elena went down as well and started bleeding in the same area that Katherine was hit.

Next, Stefan wounded Katherine and Elena felt more pain. Jeremy stopped Stefan and Damon from finishing off Katherine, explaining Elena felt what Kat felt. Turns out Katherine’s witch Lucy cast her own spell on Elena.

Bonnie comes to the conclusion that Lucy is a witch and goes to stop her.

New werewolf in town and witches unite

Matt was doing a good job of getting Tyler to kill him when Caroline intervened and knocked him out. One of the girls, Sarah, stepped in saying if “Matt fails, it’s up to me.” As she stabbed Tyler, he pushed her and she hit her head, dying. Tyler starts the transformation.

Bonnie found Lucy and it turns out Lucy knows more about the Bennett family than we thought. Lucy tells Bonnie she can trust her.

Lucy shows up in the room with the moonstone in hand. She told Katherine once she handed over the moonstone she owed her nothing. I knew there was a reason she was helping Katherine.

Katherine grabbed the moonstone and began choking. Lucy whispered to Katherine she should have told her there was another witch involved, especially a Bennett witch. Turns out Lucy is a long lost cousin of Bonnie’s. She told Damon and Stefan the spell was removed from Elena.

The aftermath

Caroline covered for Tyler, claiming Sarah’s death was an accident.

Stefan found Elena to see with his own eyes she wasn’t hurt. He realized that even with Katherine seemingly gone, Elena still wouldn’t take him back that easy.

Katherine woke up in the tomb with the moonstone. Damon trapped her in but she pleaded to be let out saying that Elena was still in danger and needed protecting. Just as Damon shut the tomb and walked away, Elena was grabbed by a masked mystery person.

What did you think of this week’s action-packed episode, Masquerade? Are you excited for next week’s The Vampire Diaries? We want to know.


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