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Top 10 celebrity trainwrecks

The Hollywood glitz and glamour were not enough for these celebrity trainwrecks. They went off and made some fun of their own…and ran into a few (or 15) obstacles along the way. Check out these 10 totally crazy celebrity trainwrecks.

Courtney Love

This once out-of-control-rockstar went through some tough times. The stripping, addiction, loss of her husband, Kurt Cobain, custody battle for her daughter, lawsuit and, well, you know the rest.

Courtney Love

Lately, the former wild child and addict has gone through substance abuse treatment, toned her body and is focusing on her career. Good for her?

Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt is a different breed of trainwreck — he may not snort the booger sugar, but boy does love him some fame. He’s slimy and ridiculous, but we can’t get enough.

Spencer Pratt

In the last season of The Hills he became obsessive with crystals, wore tons of bracelets, decided to grow his flesh-colored hair out and just got really…weird, to say the least.

We still wonder whether Sprencer Pratt’s supposed separation and reunion with wife Heidi Montag was all just a fame-whoring hoax. He now promotes his film, Tower 69: Malibu Beach Patrol. So, yes, he’s still filming chicks on the beach.

Taylor Momsen

Spencer Pratt

Seventeen-year-old Taylor Momsen has gone through an entire transformation since first appearing on Gossip Girl in season one.

Taylor went from pretty-in-pink schoolgirl to grunge-rock-raccoon eyes.

Her band, The Pretty Reckless, may have some sort of influence on this transformation. Recently, at one of her shows, Taylor pulled her top down and flashed the audience.

She did have pasties covering her nipples, but seriously? Not to mention, she is also a smoker and has talked about her interest in watching pornography. Is she Hollywood’s next trainwreck? We’ll have to wait and see.

Paris Hilton

You knew she’d be on here, right?

Paris Hilton

Besides Paris Hilton’s sex-tape scandal, boyfriends for every day of the week and late nights in every club with bottle service, what else could she possibly be known for except being a trainwreck?

Well, apparently, she’s is into the white stuff, too (who would have guessed?).

Not only did Paris Hilton get caught in Las Vegas with cocaine, but a couple months prior to that she was held at a police station in St. Croix after she and her group were accused of smoking pot. It ended up being a “misunderstanding” and she was released without charge.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson doesn’t tend to make it easy for himself.

Besides his anti-Semitic statements, racist rants, voicemail confessions and custody battle, there really isn’t more to say about him.

Well, maybe a mere suggestion that he go somewhere in the wild, figure himself out, then change everything about himself and come back.

Mel Gibson

Problem solved.

The big question is: Can Mel Gibson come back?

Amy Winehouse

Musician Amy Winehouse made a huge wave when the world caught drift of her thunderous, powerful vocals, yet she couldn’t seem to ride it out for long.

In and out of rehab, in and out of bars, assault at a Christmas play, those over-worn pink, ballet slippers.

Since those headline-making days Amy Winehouse has gotten breast implants and not produced any music. She mostly stumbles out of bars looking unshowered and drugged out.

Amy, prove us wrong and get back on the soul train instead of being a trainwreck!

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